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#94 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Buck-- Greg Moore

One of the monsters taken during our last fateful year on the Island. If I remember right, this was another hunt that was characterized by high winds. As compared to Buck #99 shot by Frank Beltrame, Greg's bucks antler confirmation did not allow tine viewing as well. His nontypical points were more in line with his beams, thus making them harder to see well. This buck was still in full velvet, though was just beginning to shed it. Over the years, September 1 was often viewed as the time that the velvet started peeling off, so this buck was about a week late. Just goes to show how each animal is different. There were places on the Island that didn't have much shrubbery with which to rub off their velvet, such as Pocket Field, but on Black Mountain there was plenty of trees and shrubs for that purpose.

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