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#22 KEARNEY MARTINS Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

#22 Kearney Martins Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

Kearney and his wife Leslie became a fixture with MUM on the Island once Kearney started hunting with us in 2006. So much so that they were invited to our SRI guide reunion party last week. One other client showed up, but that client Brian Sheehy, also became a part-time guide out there. Kearney and Leslie will forever be associated with the mule deer hunting on Santa Rosa Island. Kearney also had quite a run with shooting big bucks on Santa Rosa Island. In both 2008 and 2009 Kearney shot the biggest buck of the year. This is his top scoring buck of 2009. His 2008 buck is yet to arrive in the Top 100. He was also involved in the shooting of the top scoring buck of all time on the Island.This picture is such a great one of this dynamic duo. Leslie is all smiles and Kearney is trying not to cry because he is so happy and emotional about shooting such a majestic animal.

Kearney and Leslie, it was so great to see you last week at Will's last week. You two are among the finest people I've had the pleasure to spend time with. Thank you for enjoying the Island with the MUM crew. You contributed greatly to our overall SRI experience!!!

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