Varmint hunting is getting more popular every year. Many believe there is no better way to improve your shooting skills than by aiming at small live targets like these ground squirrels. Couple this with people getting more excited about the new small bore, high velocity calibers, it's obvious that demand for these opportunities are on the rise.


The Burrows Ranch has over a hundred acres of agricultural fields that draw these squirrels in. There are also hundreds of adjacent upland acres that are home to squirrel colonies. Clients who come to the Burrows Ranch can get some barrel-burning shooting in while also making the landowner happy by removing some of these crop-eating pests. These squirrels are prolific breeders, so our harvest strategies has little impact on overall population trends.

Burrows Ranch-- 3,500 Acres,

Tehama County, CA


Season: April 15 - August 15


License Requirements: Current CA hunting License


1 Day Squirrel Hunt

Cost: $100 per person (min 4 people)


2 Day Squirrel Hunt

Cost: $250 per person (min 2 people)


  • 2 day hunt

  • 2 nights lodging but no meals