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Columbian Blacktail Deer

MUM offers Columbian black-tailed deer hunts on the beautiful Stover Ranch. This ranch lies within the Boone and Crockett (B&C) and Safari Club International (SCI) approved areas. Trophy-class blacktails that have met the stringent B&C standards have been shot on this ranch, but they are not the norm. A more typical expectation is a buck that scores between 100 and 125 points.  This is a perfect hunt for juniors, persons new to hunting, or Safari Club members who want a great hunt while gaining another of the North American 29. Though our success is high, don't underestimate these wily deer. They are gaining the appropriate reputation of a hard-earned game species. Many believe blacktails can be as elusive as their whitetail deer cousins.


Many of our hunts on Stover Ranch are combination hunts that include both a black bear and a Columbian Blacktail. For this unique hunt, the cost for this 5 day hunt is $6,750. Except for these combo hunts, the deer hunts are 4 days and are guided on a 2x1 basis.


Combo Hunt Packing List

Stover Ranch-- 7,000 Acres,

Humboldt County, CA


2020 Season: September 19th thru October 25th


License Requirements: Current CA Hunting License and B Zone Deer Tag

     *please note that the B Zone tags are OTC, but do sell out, so purchase your tag early


Cost: $5,250


  • Fully Guided 4 Day 2x1 Hunt

  • Food, Beverages, Lodging

  • Cape and Meat Preparation

Not Included:

  • CA Hunting License 

  • B Zone Tag 

  • $1,500 Trophy fee for deer that score 130+ SCI


Deer Hunt Packing List

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