Roosevelt Elk

MUM has been working with the Stover Family in Humboldt County for nine years now. That first year involved getting the Ranch into the state PLM program so we could obtain landowner tags for the Roosevelt elk. In the subsequent eight years, we've developed a reputation of producing huge Roosevelt bulls. A high percentage of bulls harvested in that time frame has surpassed the threshold of entrance into the Boone & Crockett record book. Every bull has made the SCI book.


For a client who doesn't need a trophy bull, we also offer a management bull hunt at half the cost of a trophy bull. A management bull typically is an old bull that is heading downhill, or a younger bull that is determined genetically inferior in antler production. In most cases, these bulls are mature and are herd bulls.

Stover Ranch-- 7,000 Acres,

Humboldt County, CA


Season: September 1st - October 31st


License Requirements: Current CA Hunting License 


Cost: Trophy Bulls

           $18,000-- 6 Days

           $4,000 trophy fee for a bull that reaches B&C green net score

           Management Bulls

           $ 7,000-- 4 Days

            No trophy fees


  • Fully Guided Hunt

  • Food, Beverages, Lodging

  • Cape and Meat Preparation

Not Included:

  • CA Hunting License (2018 Resident $48.34, Non-Resident $169.05)

  • PLM Tag (2017 Tag $614.50, 2018 TBD)


Elk Hunt Packing List


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