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#95 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Buck-- Bob George

Bob George was a truly great man and sportsman. This was the biggest of six or seven trophies he shot with us on the Island. He was also a great shot-- one of the very select clients that I was comfortable letting shoot over 400 yards. Mind you, this was in 2000 when the current rage of 500+ yard shots hadn't started yet. He knew his .300 Winchester very well though. The one bad taste about this buck was that it was a stag, and the antlers in essence melted away within a couple weeks. Because of this buck, he would never shoot another buck in the velvet, worrying that it might do the same thing as this buck. Looking at the date, Bob also shot this buck on my 35th birthday. If I was to spend my birthday away from my family, I was more than happy to spend it with Mr. George. Bob was also paired with Ken Lund (Buck # 96) on an earlier hunt, which began a strong friendship. One of the rewarding things about going on hunts are the great people you meet. Because of the hunts we offer, we have gotten to know some of the finest people across this globe.

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