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#9 SCOTT MOONEYHAM Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Bucks

#9 SCOTT MOONEYHAM Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Bucks

This is one photo that doesn't show off the trophy buck very well, but this particular photo has so much going on in it that I couldn't not publish this image. While my father Wayne guided Scott on this trophy buck, it's my older brother Greg who is packing it out along with Scott behind him making sure Greg doesn't fall over backwards (maybe not the best gun safety technique though). Do you think these two guys are happy? This was the largest buck from our fateful last year of 2011. This was Scott's second trip to the Island. If you were a guide on Santa Rosa for any length of time, you had to love to pack out deer and elk. Hard work? Yes, it was, but it was also part of the whole wonderful experience of Santa Rosa Island. Oftentimes, we would remember the pack out as much as how high a buck or bull scored. We all remember our worst packs out. But hey, we are still here thinking about them, right? If hunting was so easy, we would barely have worthy memories! At the same time, Greg here had a pretty pedestrian time on this particular pack. It looks as if all he is packing out is the head and cape. How much could that weigh? 25 pounds? At the most 35 pounds. That being the case, guide Wayne must be packing out the 75-100 pounds of meat. He takes the photo and packs all the meat out. Hmmm, interesting since Dad was 75 years of age at this time. This is just another thing I can harass my brother about...

It's hard to see, but this buck had three drop tines on his left side. You can see the two parallel times pretty easy. They look like long, thick fingers from this view. This buck was shot in upper Cow Canyon which is not known for producing big bucks. Maybe he snuck over from Green canyon and thought he had found the perfect hidey hole to live out his life. When Scott shot this buck they didn't see all the drop times, they just knew it was a huge buck. From what they said, they were quite surprised when they walked up to it.

Congratulations, Scott, you shot the trophy of a lifetime with MUM on Santa Rosa Island!

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