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# 86 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Buck-- Paul Prudler


According to the statistics we kept from all our hunts, Paul shot this buck on the first afternoon of his hunt. To harvest a buck of this quality on the first day is a rarity. On the other hand, the law of averages says that everything will happen eventually. I remember guiding Paul on his first hunt out there in 2003. His close friend Peter Bollinger brought him out. On the second morning Paul shot a 320 class Roosevelt bull with us in Old Ranch. Later in the hunt, Chad Wiebe, who at the time was our professional skinner was along for spotting and packing. He hadn't started guiding for us yet, but he grew up on the Central Coast of CA with his father Rod and family hunting. On that particular hunt, I decided to let Chad take Paul on a pick-up hunt. We dropped them off at the top of the mountain, and we were to pick them up hours later at the coast. Well, on that hunt, Paul shot a beautiful 198 buck. Chad and Paul made a connection then, and I never got to guide Paul again! Chad and he became a team, and a great team, at that. Paul's biggest buck is still to come later in the Top 100, again with Chad being his guide. To think that this 207 35" buck was not his best one is kinda crazy if you think about it.

#86 Paul Prudler08.jpg

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