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#63 MIKE HATTAWAY Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

#63 MikeHattaway08.jpg

How's this for a narrow buck with all kinds of junk!! This was one of the biggest bucks of 2008 off Santa Rosa Island. Mr. Hattaway was always a breath of fresh air when he would show up out there. Here was a southern gentleman who never seemed to allow the pressure of a hunt to affect him. His Island nickname was "Slippers" While everyone else was bustling around in the morning getting ready, Mike would be methodically going about his preparedness in his customary house slippers. He was a fine contrast to his guide, Will Wolley, who is is known for his attitude that his hair always seemed to be on fire-- at least smoldering. They made a fine team, indeed. So while everyone else was stressed out (even if there was no apparent reason for that mind set), Mike would be cool as a cucumber, and invariably, he would harvest a great buck. After a while we started thinking that maybe he had something going, and it wasn't just pure luck on his behalf. Nevertheless, here is a great buck harvested by Mike. I think I talk for all the staff that ever worked on the Island when I say that what we miss most are the awesome individuals we got to spend some demanding time with out there. Santa Rosa was the meeting place of some truly great people, and those relationships that were forged out there will be it most lasting legacy.

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