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#60 KEITH DREWRY Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks


How's this for a fantastic looking stag? Keith's buck's ears are hiding a couple extra drop points. If you look hard, you can count at least 5 drop tines. Now that is cool. He had 27 countable points, 14 on his left, 13 on his right. This is the kind of a buck that is conversation starter when someone sees this up on the trophy wall-- wow, look at that one! Also notice his heavy bases-- looks like tree trucks sprouting out of his head. As we discussed yesterday, this is one of those bucks that maybe you first thought that those drop tines were actually velvet hanging. Yesterday's buck, shot by Jeff Brasher had velvet hanging all over the place. Up close it's obvious what they are. Things aren't so evident if you are trying to assess them at 600 yards as it's running away from you at a 40 degree angle in the shadows. Gotta give Alton credit for getting Keith on this buck. Then again, seeing those G-2 and G-3s that are bend oddly tends to suggest this might be a stag since these antlers stay perennially pliant. Sometimes these bucks aren't as attractive as they might be since a buck like this is molting, getting rid of his summer coat and his winter coat taking over. That being the case, I've never had a client pass on a big buck because his cape isn't pristine. It's all about the antlers, and this buck has the antlers! Congrats Keith!

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