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#48 MARK PIMENTEL Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

#48 Mark Pimentel 06.jpg
#48 MARK PIMENTEL Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

Just another big buck from 2006. This is one of those bucks that are genetically good for scoring. Big frame, wide at the beam, long eyeguards, good length. Look at this buck's inside width-- its right at the beam tips, which is also where this buck is it's widest overall. The thing I remember most about Mark is that he tore out the seat back in my truck after a spotted skunk had decided to make the truck cab it's home for a night. As we were driving to the airstrip to pick up the clients (including Mark), this skunks decides to let loose his stink under the seat. Ooh, that smells. As soon as we get out to the airplane, I jump out and fling open all the doors. After a few minutes of greeting the new clients, Mark knows that the seat upright in the back actually pulls out, so he breathes through his mouth and yanks out the seat! The skunk has no hiding place now and jumps out of the truck. To say the least, we left that truck there a couple days to air out, and I used the spare truck to guide out of for a few days. Memories, memories!!!

Anyway, Mark shot this great buck with Wes as his guide. This was Marks one and only trip with us to Santa Rosa Island.

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