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#47 ANDY WOOD Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

#47 ANDY WOOD Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

How's this for one wild buck?? Just examine this freak for a bit and appreciate what you a re looking at. I love nontypicals, but this one may test my taste! He pretty much has two beams on his right side. Weird.

This buck was shot by Andy, one of my closest friends, so somehow its appropriate that he shot this mutant. We had an assistant on this hunt, future guide Adam Salentine, so we actually got a little video of this kill. Always fun to watch the episode every once in awhile. I do remember Andy nearly falling down this canyon and hurting himself. As I tell everyone, I'll pack you out, but gotta gut you first! Andy's wife Margo was also along for the hunt, so we got to enjoy her dry sense of humor as well. For several years, Margo had shot a wider buck than Andy on the Island. This really perturbed Andy. That all changed when Andy shot a monster in 2010 (and yet to come at #12).

Andy shot 4 trophy bucks on the Island with MUM. All were shot in Pocket Fiield. He developed a huge wall diarama for all four bucks, and it turned out beautiful. I even donated a bronze port hole I found off a shipwreck to this incredible piece of art. Good times, good times!!!

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