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#43 LACEY DUFFY Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

#43 LACEY DUFFY Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

This has got to be about my favorite bucks from 2010. Having a lovely lady shooting it doesn't harm it stature any, either. Its mass and unique character is really something. Lacey was a member of an NRA contingency that came out that year. The NRA helped us with some publicity about the plight of the mule deer and elk on the Island. When the federal government puts a target on your back (like they did to the Vail and Vickers and MUM), it's awfully hard to come out on the positive side of the ledger. While the NRA gave us some assitance, in the end, it went for naught.

The other amazing thing about this buck is that I almost had this buck shot as a management buck in 2008. In that year, this buck was a heavy 3x4 with some of those odd stickers off it's G-4 on his right side. I thought that it would never get any better. For once, I'm glad I was wrong about this buck. It went from a 170 class buck to this 213 buck in 2 years. I never saw this buck in 2009, so not sure what it was that year. It goes to show you that not matter how well you think you know these animals, they will surprise you once in a while.

Congrats, Lacey, this was a buck of a lifetime!

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