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#40 DOUG EBERHART Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

#40 DougEberhart08.jpg
#40 DOUG EBERHART Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

This buck hides with magnificence pretty easy. He's not that wide, has no eyeguards, not a bunch of kickers. It's just one of those bucks that is so symmetrical and tall that you lose sight of how really big it is. He has mass all the way up and his G-4's are exceptionally long. Doug came to SRI with his son Doug Jr, who shot a very cool buck that was the exact opposite of his father's buck.

This buck was actually passed earlier in the hunt by Doug and his guide Will. There were times when Will let an animal get in his head, and indecision would take over. I remember chatting about this buck with him prior to them going back to find him, and he was thinking it was big, but geez, he's not very wide! Well, the hunt proceeded, expectations got lowered, and luckily they found this buck again. When Doug and Will actually walked up to it, they both knew they had made the right decision in shooting this great trophy. I think when this buck was officially scored, Will's mind was blown. Now you start wondering, " What was that buck I passed yesterday, and oh, what about that buck 2 nights ago that had a tall frame?" Some think that guiding is a glorious job, but when a buck or bull get's your brain working overtime, it can also be maddening. "Mental resiliency" is what I preach. Too bad I don't always listen to myself!

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