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# 28 STEVE FULLMER Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

# 28 STEVE FULLMER Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

This date was yet another magical one in Pocket Field. Earlier in the day, Steve's partner and great friend Jay Brasher shot a 205 buck (#98) on the edge of the Pocket in the bottom of Bee Canyon, and then we find this monster out at the point. This was the largest buck shot in 2004. If you read Jay's post, he never should have had the opportunity to shoot that buck since a prior client shot at the wrong buck. Well, this buck as well never should have been here for Steve to harvest. Guide Don Anderson is still probably shaking his head about this story 11 years later. On this same hunt, Don was guiding his two clients in the Pocket on the day before. They see this buck. One problem: his client wants to shoot a typical 4x4. According to Don, they had to sneak around this buck to access the buck they ended up shooting. That buck was a 27" 4x4 that scored 188.25. So, ya, a client passes up a 218 buck in order to shoot a 188 buck. Go figure!

Steve was more than willing to shoot this buck, so everyone ended up happy. Steve shot 9 trophy bucks with us on the Island. This was his largest. The one thing I notice, other than all his non-typical bucks, is the coloration of his cape. His face is really dark with little white on it. Interesting. My assistant on this hunt was Andrew Atkins. In fact, I'll be seeing Andrew this weekend. Good times.

Congratulations Steve, you shot a trophy of a lifetime with MUM!

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