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The 101st Biggest Buck on Santa Rosa Island

Starting November 24th, 2014, we are going to start highlighting the biggest bucks harvested on Santa Rosa Island over our 33 year history. We will run through the top 100 top scoring bucks. To pique your interest, here is the 101th largest buck shot. This buck was shot by Jon Smith of Virginia. Maybe you ask yourself, " How could this be the 101 biggest buck-- it's huge?!" Well, that was the beauty of Santa Rosa Island. This buck scored 205.375 SCI and had 7 pts on the left antler and 8 points on the right. It was also 32.5 " wide. Taken Sept. 10, 2006 in Wreck Canyon with Chad Wiebe as his guide. Enjoy the next 100 weekdays of reliving the glory that was once Santa Rosa Island! Keep coming back. We will also keep a gallery as we go along.

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