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#14 TRENT KELLEY Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

#14 TRENT KELLEY Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

We always treated our clients on SRI like family, as we do on every one of our properties. In this case, that belief was made even more solid when guide Tim Kelley had the great opportunity to guide his brother Trent on a hunt on Santa Rosa Island. If I remember right, we couldn't even accuse Tim of ignoring this buck so that his brother could get a shot at it. That's because Tim came onto the Isaland to guide merely the day before Trent showed up. Trent shot this buck the first evening of the hunt. Pretty crazy if you run that scenario through your brain.

This buck has two things that really stands out. Width and mass. Trent's buck is a mere 1/4" shy of the widest buck ever shot by Arthur Gutierrez in 2006. What is prettier than a wide, heavy mule deer in North America? If you ask me, absolutely nothing!!! And the fact that a brother combination worked together to finish off the deal is all that much sweeter. Tim truly loved to hunt Sierra Pablo. This even isnt the biggest that he guided on from that extremely rough part of the Island. We all hunted Sierra Pablo to a certain extent, but Tim seemed to have it more dialed in than the rest of us. COnsidering that Tim is a flatlander from Texas is even more incredible.

Congratulations Trent, you shot a trophy of a lifetime with MUM on Santa Rosa Island. To experience the hunt with your brother Tim is all that much better.

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