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#92 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Buck-- John DeFalco

Congratulations John-- you are our first repeat winner in the Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Bucks. John also checked in at #100. John was a consistent client of Multiple Use Managers there. In all, he shot 10 trophy bucks with us over the years. His first year was 1999, and his last was also our last, 2011. When you look at this buck, you have to appreciate the mass of his complete frame. Since he is so heavy, you lose some appreciation of the tine length. Also note the double eyeguard on his left antler. While he had a few small nontypical points, he would have scored high as a typical buck as well. Don't remember what his nontypical sum was, but am thinking John's buck would have been a 198-200 buck as a typical-- very impressive.

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