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#91 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Buck-- Mark Buchanan

Mark is another client who has a multiple entry into the Santa Rosa Island Top 100, but this is his lowest scoring buck. His larger one, shot in 2006 actually had, in essence, four beams. A great thing about Mark is that he owns a video production company and makes hunting videos, yet he never asked for a free hunt or special treatment. This buck is featured on his show titled, "Death on the Gold Coast" Mark loves his big bore rifles! He believed that if you shot something below a .375 magnum you weren't worthy. Couldn't find any hunt clips on the net from this video, but it you buy the video, you will witness some of the coolest footage of mule deer. A couple hours before Mark shot this buck with Don Anderson, he has footage of a large herd of bucks running on the beach and the deer are actually getting hit by the waves! Phenomenal stuff. Watching a 200+" buck getting wet by the Pacific Ocean is a sight to behold.

Much like John DeFalco's earlier buck, appreciate the mass on this buck.

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