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# 90 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Buck-- Rob Brasher

Rob's father Jay Brasher was #98 on our Top 100 list from 2003. In 2006 Rob came out with his father and close friend Steve Fullmer. On the Island, we had a harvest limit on the number of trophies, management animals, cull animals, and females we were to take each year. It was a significant portion of our management regime, and a big reason why our success out there was so sustainable. One client earlier in the year did not harvest a trophy. On this particular year, Rob was the lucky receipent of this shortfall. He came on the Island as a non-hunting observer. As it so happens, he shot a bigger trophy on this hunt than either Jay or Steve, though both of their bucks were significantly wider than Rob's. This buck must be one of the narrowest bucks to make the List, but look at the beam length, the mass, and the matching non-typical points between the G3 and 4. This buck had been seen several times during the prior two weeks, but either we weren't hunting for a trophy buck, or the client didn't want such a narrow buck. Also, this buck is part of the lore of the hunting program. Two nights earlier, guide Tim Kelley belives this buck woke him up in the Guide Shack by rubbing his antlers on the side of the buildling! This buck was shot about 2.5 miles from the headquarters, showing how much these bucks can move during the rut. This buck was also showcased on the hunting video I produced about the Santa Rosa Island hunting program.

#90 Rob Brasher06 .jpg

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