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#82 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Buck- Peter Bollinger


Peter holds the spot of #82 on our Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer List. Peter first hunted with us in 1980, long before many people knew about our hunting operation on Santa Rosa Island. This buck was shot the night before and it was too dark to snap a decent photo. Might was well use the Pacific Ocean as a beautiful backdrop, right? That afternoon Peter had just shot a 347 SCI Roosevelt bull. As we were leaving that spot where we had parked to get the five loads of elk to, this awesome buck showed itself. It was our lucky day-- a 347 bull and a 209 buck in one six hour period (yes, it took me about 6 hours to skin and pack out the bull). Also lucky that we could throw the buck in the truck field dressed to get a photo session in.

When you look at this buck, it is one of the very select bucks that has no non-typical points. This is a TYPICAL 4x4 with eyeguards, 209 buck. Beam and tine length are exceptional on this buck. He is also 1/4" short of 30". Some might have been disappointed that they hadn't shot a 30" buck, but Peter was esctatic about this mule deer.

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