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#85 Cary Weldon 208.75 SCI

#85 CARY WELDON. The Lost photo was found!

This is the third and final buck in the Top 100 shot in 2000. The other two were Bob George and Ken Lund, both in the '90's. Cary and Wes were friends long before they both came to Santa Rosa Island, so it was very special for Wes to have a chance to guide Cary out there.

When you first look at this buck, he doesn't look all that impressive. Once you stop and analyze it, you begin to appreciate what this buck has on his head. First and foremost is the 14"+ long extra tine off his left pedicel. Add to that the mass measurement that tine adds to the score for this antler, and you realize this is very unique buck, and one of those buck that we call, "made to score". Great mass all the way up, plus that C-1 measurement that would be good for an trophy elk. This buck is probably a 185 buck as a typical, but that extra tine really sets it off. This buck is also very heavy bodied, so the antlers don't dwarf the body. Back in the 80's when the feed wasn't as good, their antlers really looked out of whack. We would shoot quite a few 30" bucks back then, but they wouldn't score very well, and their bodies were quite small. It wan't uncommon to have a field dressed 28-30" buck that would weigh barely 100 pounds. Oftentimes we would merely gut the buck and throw the whole buck on our packframe and walk it out. We were't doing that with the bucks the last ten years, that for sure!

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