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#81 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Buck-- Rob Trowbridge


Here is another buck that has that particular trait of having an extra biforcation of extra points between the G-3 and G-4, while also having a very short G-2 on his left antler. Rob was great guy to be in camp with. I never got to guide him personally, but you could tell he was a favorite of all the guides. He also brought a couple friends with him in later years, so always appreciate the word of mouth referrals. On this buck, I want to think that Will was assisted by another guide on this particular day, Andrew Atkins, and as they were leaving the territory, Andrew happened to look back and spotted this buck-- "HOLY S__T!!, look at the buck. Fortunately they were able to make a stalk and harvest this awesome buck. Knowing this canyon where it was shot, I'm sure Will felt fortunate that Andrew was along to help pack out this dandy.

These early 2003 hunts kind of blew out our guides minds. We had been taking a few big bucks in the prior few years, but 2003 really started the true trophy mule deer hunting out there. Within a magic 8 day period in early September, six 200 inch deer were taken. Up until then, we had only taken 8 200 inchers in the past 5 years. And in the previous year alone, 2002, only 1 200 incher was harvested.

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