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#78 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Buck-- Bruce Kuykendall


This buck doesn't have big height, but boy, he has everything else. This 30" buck has the width, the mass, the nontypical points, the good eyeguards, and good tine length. After guiding for 30+ years, I've gotten to the point of asking mule deer clients, "What's most important to you-- mass, width, or tine length?" Of course, the typical response is, " I want everything!" That would be nice, but usually you can get two of these traits, but rarely get all three. Some hunters just love wide bucks. Guys that honestly want high scoring bucks say that tine length is vital. That's true since that trait is the biggest factor in deciding B&C and SCI scores. For me, mass is what gets my blood boiling. Bruce's buck has about everything. And since it is relatively short, it gives the impression that the buck is wider than you might think. If I didn't know it was 30", I would have guessed from this photo that he was 32"+. Then again, Wayne is an old pro at getting great photos of his clients and showing off the buck in it's best light.

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