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# 77 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Buck-- Craig Kohler


How many Christmas ornaments could you hang on this one?

Craig came out to Santa Rosa Island for the first time in 2003 with his good friend George "Dump Bear" Cook. They are both avid mule deer hunters. On this particular day, Craig shot this beautiful non-typical just after the sun was up. Hard to tell from this photo, but the fog had just risen, and Craig made a difficult 250 yard shot on him. If you look close , the buck stratched up his close antler on the rocks when he fell from the fatal shot. As fate would have it, we were only a few miles from camp, so after we packed it out, we dropped this buck off at the skinning shed, and it became George's time up to hunt a mulie. About 3 hours later on the dunes of Skunk Point, George shot a heavy and wide 203" buck. It didn't make the Top 100, but George was every big as happy with his buck as his partner Craig was. Two 200" inch bucks in one morning. In everyone's book, that was a great hunting day. People might want to suggest that this shows how easy the hunting was out there. On the contrary, I had seen this particular buck well over 5 weeks prior, and had been hunting it ever since. It just so happened this was the day that luck and skill met in the middle.

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