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#76 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Buck-- Patrick White


Another exceptional buck. Then again, aren't all of these bucks bruisers? Looking at the totality of the Top 100, 2010 was a year of really big bucks. 2006 had the best overall average for all tophy bucks, at an amazing 206, but for really big bucks, 2010 was probably the best. This nearly 209 buck was the 19th largest buck taken that year! Wow, that's an amazing stat.

This buck shot by Pat White looks alot like the trophy shot by Jeff Sanders (#87) in that it has some great nontypical junk on one antler, but is typical on the other one. Yet the photo hides the nontypical points that are on the right side. This buck is actually a 8x8 buck. Just goes to show what a photo can show. It's funny how sometimes its hard to get great photos of all the buck, while others show themeslves off well. If you look closely enough you can see a few of the hard-to-see tines on this buck's right side off his G-2 and his G-3. This buck is nontypical enough that he still had some old velvet hanging from one of his less accessible nontypical tines.

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