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#68 Santa Rosa Island Top 100 Mule Deer Buck- CJ Rudolph


Another great buck from the Class of 2010. This buck made 210+ with no eyeguards and very little in nontypical tines. This buck has crazy mass and a huge frame. Just an awesome buck. It also had to be a challenging hunt since it is in the bottom on Whetstone Canyon. This was a deep and rough canyon-- not for the faint of heart. No matter how much you could see from the ridgelines, these darn bucks would hide in the smallest of little holes to avoid detection. Tyson didn't guide all that much on the Island. He also skinned and was an assistant guide off and on. His other passion took him away a lot. See, Tyson is a bronc rider on the rodeo circuit. In fact, he still rides those wild broncs, and in 2014, he won the title for the California circuit. Tyson may not be tall stature, but he makes up for that in many other ways! -- G. Long

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