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#67 Santa Rosa Island Top 100 Mule Deer Buck- Tim Windsor


Tim's buck is another example that width is just one thing to look at. He's only 27.5" wide, but relish this buck's length and height, plus a couple very cool non-typical points. As you might notice, this is another huge trophy from the 2010 season. I don't remember 2010 being a great moisture year, but it sure produced some awesome bucks. This is another buck guided by Chad Wiebe, who is now both a well-known taxidermist on the CA Central Coast, but also owner of an outfitting business, Oak Stone Outfitters. There aren't many outfitters who we might refer clients to, but Chad is one of them. He has even begun guiding on the largest ranch in California-- the Tejon Ranch. I was off guiding on the Stover Ranch duing this hunt, so I wasn't there, but am told that Tim has a nice ranch himself on the Central Coast. Congratulations, Tim, this is a great buck! Hope it is well positioned in your trophy room. -- G. Long

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