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#64 MATT PETERS Santa Rosa Island Top 100 Mule Deer Bucks


Seems as if we've been stuck on 2010 bucks for a long time, yet here's another one. Matt Peters is such an enthusiastic guy and a joy to be around. Matt didn't start out with us on Santa Rosa Island as a trophy buck hunter, but he took the plunge and booked a trophy hunt. Safe to say he was overjoyed by this buck he harvested, alongside Mark Michealis. We didn't add a photo of this buck from the front, but his nonypicals were pretty much hidden by his frame, so a normal, frontal view this buck wasn't nearly as impressive as he actually is. Since all of us guides really enjoyed razzing Mark incessently, we kidded him that he never saw these crazy back points before Matt shot this buck. Think Mark will go to his grave disputing this thought! Since these hunts are 2x1 hunts, Matt was teamed up with a client he previously didn't know. He was paired with Mike Davis. Mark, Matt, and Mike had a helleva hunt, since Mike shot a buck even bigger than Matt's. Mike's buck is still to come, later in the Santa Rosa Island Top 100 Mule Deer Hunts. Keep watching!

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