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#62 RALPH "BUMPY" MOYER Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks


Bumpy came to Santa Rosa Island three times. This was his largest buck and 2005 was his last year. After his antics with this buck, he was not invited back. Here's the story.... In 2005 we instituted a trophy fee structure where larger bucks were assessed an additional fee. Apparently, Bumpy didn't like our new policy, though he knew fair and square that it was in effect. So after he shoots this incredible buck with guide Don Anderson, he took it upon himself to try to break the antlers of this buck so he wouldn't have to pay this trophy fee. Don actually took a large rock out of his hand as he was trying to break the awesome drop tine off this buck!!! He shoots a 211 buck and then tries to destroy it! To say the least, we didn't think he showed the proper respect for this magnificent animal. Ralph was a really funny guy, but he definitely had his quirks. This buck had a great frame, awesome mass, and the aforementioned drop tine. Also notice the curly Q beam end on his left antler. This was another characteristic trait seen periodly on bucks from the Island. I hope that Ralph got this buck mounted fully intact.

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