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#57 MARK BUCHANAN Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks


This is Mark's second buck in the Top 100. He also checked in at #91. On both of these hunts he was guided by Don Anderson. This is the second largest buck harvested in 2004. Only 4 bucks from 2004 made the List and Mark shot two of them on this single hunt. This buck was shot on Oct 22nd. His buck at #91, the one that was earlier videoed getting hit by waves at Skunk Point, was shot the day earlier, Oct. 21. Now that's a great hunt-- a 211 and a 206 buck a day apart.

Notice this buck's "drop beam". This was another peculiar trait found on quite a few bucks on the Island, especially on the south side. This buck had 8 points on his left and 7 on his right, minus his eyeguards. Mark's buck wasn't necessarily heavy, but it certainly has long beams and great character.

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