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#52 HANK OSTERKAMP Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks


Now this is a different looking trophy buck! At first look, it looks like a kinda cool 3 by 4 with some junk on it. In talking with guide Chad Wiebe, he said that he and Hank really had to mull over the idea of shooting this buck. It may have a narrow (25.5") frame with a lacking G2 on its left side, but it's got everything else. Study the height, the mass, the eyeguards, all the extra points, and you realize that calculator is showing off a big number. In the end, pretty sure Hank was happy with his decision. Hank came to the Island with his father Gus. This was their second trip to SRI, they also came out in 2005. The more you look at this buck, the more you appreciate what kind of antlers this buck sprouted. Really love the knarly perlings down at his bases and the huge bladed G3 on his left side. Having 3 decades at looking mule deer bucks, it seems I enjoy these nontypical bucks more and more. It's all about antler character.

#52 HankOsterkamp10.jpg
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