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#36 GREG FOWLER Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

#36 Greg Fowler03.jpg
#36 GREG FOWLER Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

Greg shot 11 trophies over the years on Santa Rosa Island, and this turned out to be the biggest of the lot. This buck hunt is one of those crazy rut hunts. We had been hunting solid for two and a half months and suddenly when the ruts kicks in hard, this buck is lazily walking across a huge open area in Pocket Field- what the heck?! Where had he been the last 10 weeks? Greg and I were not going to pass up this gift horse in mouth, so Greg downed this buck with one shot. Soon thereafter, he rented a plane and left-- Greg was notorious for shooting a buck, and then getting back to his business as quickly as he could. This buck has a couple extra biforcations, which is a great way for that trophy points to add up. He also has some great perlings at the base of his antlers. This buck was a member of a magical November 2003 hunt where 4 of the 5 trophy buck hunters shot bucks over 200 inches. This was the second largest of the hunt. Still to come is Jim Tonkin's huge buck. This was the first hunt that four bucks over 200 were shot on the same hunt. This was in 2003, before the great years of 2005, '06, and '10.

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