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#33 RYAN FOSTER Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

#33 RYAN FOSTER Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

How's this for a show stopper buck? Many buck hunters dream about shooting a drop tine buck. Well, this buck doesn't have 1 drop tine. It doesn't have 2 drop tines. This freak has 3 drop tines! It almost looks like this buck may have had a 4th dropper on his left, showing in this photo a mass on the bottom of beam out further. Nice to see Ryan wearing a MUM hat, while also wearing his guide Chad's t-shirt promoting Chad's taxidermy business. Since Chad first came to the Island as a wet-eared skinner in 2003, he has evolved into a top-notch taxidermist who is building a very solid reputation.

If I didn't know where this buck came from, I would guess that it was a game ranched buck. Why do I say that? Because of it's non-typical points? Well, partially. The big reason I would say that comes from looking at the size of the head and body of this buck. From this picture, this looks to be a very young deer. Notice how narrow his face his. He hasn't had time to fill out. He doesn't have a large, heavy body either, or a grizzled muzzle. This 216 point buck could very well a four year old deer! If this observation is correct, what could this buck could have been in 3-4 years under ideal conditons? The sky would be the limit. It's those darn Kaibab muley genes.

Congratulations, Ryan, you shot the buck of a lifetime!

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