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# 30 Mike Saiers Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

#30 Mike Saiers06.jpg
# 30 Mike Saiers Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

Mike come out with his hunting partner Joe Surprenant (#97) for this trophy combo hunt. Since both shot Top 100 bucks on the hunt, guess you would consider it an success! Nice job Will! Mike and Joe have turned into good friends of mine. I believe also that Mike is the only resident of my county, that being Calaveras County, CA that is on this prestigious list. In fact, saw Mike at my daughter's 6th grade volleyball game last night. His daugher's team drubbed my daughter's team pretty bad. Hopefully next year they can be teammates when they get to middle school. These two girls also went through hunter safety training together over the winter. My daughter thinks she is shooting a turkey this spring. We will have to see about that.

Back to this buck. This thing has pretty much everything you want in a buck: over 30", great mass, nontypical points sticking out everywhere. The whole deal. Maybe it's only drawback is the short beam on his left side, but who's complaining? This was Mike's only trip on a trophy hunt. In 2011 he and Joe came out as my guest and assisted us with herd management. Great times were had by all.

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