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# 18 STEVE DANIELS Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

# 18 STEVE DANIELS Top 100 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Bucks

Steve came to the Island twice. He came in 2005 with his friend Greg Sutton. While Greg shot a great buck (#83 of Top 100) that year, Steve did not. So for 2010, Steve brought his son Joshua for a father-son mule deer hunt. What a trip they had. Not only did Steve shoot this buck-of-a-lifetime, but his son also shot a 32" 200 inch buck! Now that is incredible. As a guide, Chad did a great job. We always wanted to guide on a 200 inch buck every hunt. When we got a chance to get a "double 200" it was the epitome of a great guiding trip. So while congrats go first to Steve for shooting a great buck, but Chad also gets his share of accolades for guiding on 2 200 inch bucks on this particular hunt.

We all had friendly competitions about our particular guiding prowess between the guides. It was healthy to do so. While we always worked hard for our clients, we also didn't want to get embarassed in the eyes of the other guides that were out there. Many clients wondered how the guides could get along so well. We weren't making big money, but we sure were living the dream! Quality of lifestyle is a priority over monetary gains. When it came down to it, we employed guides who fit into our sense of commitment, hard work, and joy. You had to have the attitude that you were blessed to have the opportunity to spend quality time on Santa Rosa Island. It was a uniquely special place. The days were long, and the work could be very demanding, but keeping it all in perspective was vital for a guide to last out there.

Back to Steve's buck. This buck has such a beautiful, heavy frame. It has some fun dimorphism between the two antlers. One side looks kinda like a drop-tine whitetail. The other side is just huge with a long inline nontypical.

Congratulations Steve, you shot a buck of a lifetime with MUM on Santa Rosa Island!

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