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#74 Santa Rosa Island Mule Deer Buck-- Wade Gastin


Now that is a what a happy hunter looks like! This 8x5 30" buck would make every avid mule deer hunter esctatic. Another monster from the 2010 season. October was often called the dog days of mule deer hunting on SRI. The rut hadn't showed up yet, but by then quite a few bucks had been harvested, so they were definitely wary. Good fortune for Wade though. Dry Canyon, where this buck was shot, was not known for producing lots of big bucks. What Dry Canyon did have, though was a lot of brush, and plenty of escape routes. These bucks used the canyon bottoms and hideouts to their advantage. Finding deer in the deep coyote brush was always a challenge. Coyote brush was not palatable to the deer, but it was sure good hiding cover.

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