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#73 Santa Rosa Island Top 100 Mule Deer Buck--Jeff Jones


The first 210 buck of the Top 100. This buck is all about typical tine length! Jeff's buck has one 5" nontypical, but other than that, this is a 205" typical. He doesn't even have much for eyeguards. This buck had been spotted the week before, but weaseled himself out of the situation. Not so for the team of Guide Brian Sheehy and Jeff. This kind of overall tine length was really unusual on SRI.

This is the only Top 100 buck that Brian guided on. Then again, Brian was mainly a client of ours, not a guide. Brian began hunting with MUM in 1989 on our mule deer ranch outside Billings, MT. From there we became fast friends, began hunting SRI, and eventually asked if he coul guide a little bit for us on the Island. I have so many great memories with Brian on the Island. Brian's biggest buck as a client came in at #281, a 33 inch 6x4 that scored 189. In that year, his buck was the third highest scoring buck and the widest. Brian was the inaugral member of the "Width Whore Club". He loved his width!

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