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#72 Santa Rosa Top 100 Mule Deer Buck- Jack Elkins

#72 JACK ELKINS. This buck has about everything you could want. Plenty of junk, great eyeguards, terrific width- the whole package. Jack passed up a buck a couple hours earlier, and I wasn't real happy with his turndown. The buck he passed ended up scoring better than this (as I knew it would), but it wasn't 30" And Jack only wanted 30+" bucks. Therefore he stuck to his guns, and passed on a 214 buck, and shot this one instead.

That's a pretty good day of hunting, if you ask me! The story goes on...The morning had abount ended, so we were slowly moving between hunting areas. We came to a National Park Service kiosk. I had not read the new yearly regulations that the NPS had published, so I stopped the rig, got out and was reading the info at the kiosk with the other client. After I was about halfway reading through it, Jack yells at me, "Hey there's a buck bedded down up on the mountain!" I run back and get out my Zeiss spotting scope. As soon as I saw his frame, we got real serious, and about 15 minutes later, Jack made a perfect 300 yard shot on this beast. You just never know when you might see a big buck!

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