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#32 JORGE GUTIERREZ Santa Rosa Island Top 100 Mule Deer Bucks

#32 JORGE GUTIERREZ Santa Rosa Island Top 100 Mule Deer Bucks

For the width aficionados, what do you think about this one? His outside with of 36.25" is impressive. What's more imopressive? His inside width of his beam, that's what. His inside width is 36.125" Not often you get the widest point on a buck's beam. It was the best inside width of any buck taken on the Island. The widest buck ever shot on the Island was shot on this same hunt, by Jorge's cousin, and harvested 2 days earlier! WOW. That buck is to appear at #25. This buck had a monsterous frame, but little in non-typical points.

Jorge was asked how wide it was when we walked up to it. What a priceless moment. He said "28' or 29"" I have proof because good friend and assistant Mark Michealis was rolling tape at the time. The other funny story about this hunt was that this buck should have never been available to us to kill. The day before, another guide, Don Anderson saw this buck with a different client. Don was an awesome guide and a terrific guage of bucks, but on this day he had other issues. He was passing a kidney stone when they saw this buck and in severe pain. When the client asked him if that was a good buck, and Don told him that it wasn't much of a buck. He was heading into camp hell or high water. When Don got into camp, he got emergency flown to the Mainland and went straight to the hospital for taking care of the kidney stone. He came back three days later and wouldn't drink Coca Cola, something he would drink 6-10 cans of each and every day. His whole world was rocked. Though he still put ketchup on everything.

Nevertheless Jorge and I were the only fortunate recepients of that particular chapter in Santa Rosa Island lore.

Jorge, you shot a great 28" buck. Congrats, you really did shoot a trophy of a lifetime.

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